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80 Disaster Risk Management Professionals Trained in Disaster Impact Assessment12/01/18


80 Disaster Risk Management Professionals Trained in Disaster Impact Assessment thanks to PIOJ/CDB



More than 80 disaster risk management professionals in the public sector received certification in Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) methodology following training in 2017. The sessions were coordinated by the Planning Institute of Jamaica with funding from a Caribbean Development Bank grant.

The cadre of newly certified risk professionals have boosted Jamaica’s Damage and Loss Assessment Core Team whose mandate is to accurately assess the economic, social and environmental impact of disasters and inform recovery and reconstruction efforts. They will be called upon to assess the impact of a disaster and define a strategy for recovery, with special emphasis on the priorities for the civilian population.

A core component of the three-day training sessions was to ensure that the disaster risk professionals were knowledgeable about Jamaica’s Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness Framework, which identifies elements that must be considered in comprehensive disaster assessment undertakings. Specific reference was also made to hazards such as fires, earthquakes and droughts.

Other aspects of the training considered the impact of disasters on culture and labour. UNESCO prepared the professionals to identify the cost components of disasters on culture, heritage and the environment while the Jamaica Productivity Centre explored techniques in estimating the impact of disasters on labour and productivity.

The sessions were led by Dr Asha Kambon with guest presenters Mr Yuri Peshkov and Mr Guy Broucker of UNESCO and Dr Charles Douglas of the Jamaica Productivity Centre.  



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