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National Poverty Reduction Programme Launched22/03/18

Minister without portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Dr Horace Chang, on March 21 launched the National Poverty Reduction Programme (NPRP); which has the goals of eradicating extreme food poverty by 2022 and reducing the national poverty prevalence significantly below 10 per cent by 2030.

Minister Chang noted that the Planning Institute of Jamaica, which has an extensive record of monitoring and evaluating national programmes, has the responsibility to evaluate and measure initiatives across the country.
    “The National Policy on Poverty provides a framework that establishes a core body with responsibility for the coordination of the various poverty reduction programmes and all other poverty reduction initiatives and also identifies key focus areas and establishes a specific mechanism to deal with these targeted groups. Monitoring and evaluating efforts in reducing poverty are important. This programme will provide a credible and measurable space from which government efforts for reducing poverty may be evaluated for their effectiveness and impact,” Minister Chang said.
In his address, the Director General of the PIOJ, Dr Wayne Henry, said the medium-term plan of the National Poverty Reduction Programme from 2018 to 2021, will address challenges that have prevented the long-term success of poverty reduction initiatives. 
 "The intermediate outcomes are to strengthen the institutional and legislative environments and provide a framework of cooperation among state and non-state actors to ensure the sustainability of poverty reduction efforts,” Dr Henry said.
Dr Henry further noted that the PIOJ will continue to monitor external factors, such as the global economic environment and climate change, which could have a real impact on the economy and may affect the outcomes of the National Poverty Reduction Programme.
Giving an overview, Programme Manager of the Poverty Reduction Coordinating Unit, Mrs Shelly Ann Edwards, highlighted that sustained poverty reduction requires improvement in households’ capacity to consume, through employment and other income support. She said that groups of persons who are targeted under the programme include: the destitute and indigent, unemployed and unskilled, working poor, breadwinners, small producers, youth, children, and caregivers in both rural and urban areas.
Programmes identified for coordination in the medium-term include those providing: cash transfers; business and technical support to small producers and entrepreneurs; infrastructure development; education and training; employment; parenting support; sexual and reproductive and mental health services; and environmental and climate resilience awareness and workshops.
The initiatives under the National Poverty Reduction Programme will be monitored under the Vision 2030 Jamaica Medium Term Socio-Economic Framework, and will contribute to Jamaica’s overall advancements towards the global 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 
Contact the PRCU for more details at or 935-5057/5177/5184 for further details.
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