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Social Sector Indicators
During 2015, Jamaica recorded improvements in most of the indicators of economic and social development. These improvements reflected the early signals of the positive impact from the widespread...
ESSJ 2015: Selected Indicators, 2011–2015
The Jamaican economy and society continued to make advances, as during 2014 improvements were recorded for the key developmental indicators used to assess progress towards achieving the goals of...
ESSJ 2014; Selected Indicators 2010–2014
During 2013, Jamaica made significant strides in laying the foundations for achieving the goals of Vision 2030 Jamaica – National Development Plan. Developments during the year were highlighted...
Selected Indicators 2010–2013; ESSJ 2013
During 2012, Jamaica’s socio-economic performance was impacted by several developments in the global and domestic environment.
Selected Indicators 2007–2012; Economic and Social Survey 2012
Selected Indicators 2006–2011; Economic and Social Survey 2011
The Jamaican economy recorded improvements in several of the socio-economic and environmental indicators used to assess the country’s progress to wards achieving the development goals...
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