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Social Sector Reports
The Executive Summary, JSLC 2014. The complete publication is available for sale from our bookstore and online.
The Executive Summary, JSLC 2013. Copies of the publication are available at our bookstore and online.
The study seeks to provide an evidence base for appropriate and effective interventions in policy and practice in support of the Deaf community. Appended to the study is 'The Appropiate Use of...
The Draft National Policy on Poverty and National Poverty Reduction Programme (Green Paper) is now available for public consultation, and is open for comments up to March 3, 2017. The Green...
Comprehensive Assessment of Jamaica's Progress Towards the MDGs: A Review of Policies and Programmes
REPORT ON MODULE ON PERSONS AGED SIXTY YEARS AND OLDER. Jamaica Survey of Living Conditions (JSLC) 2012. A Joint Publication of the Planning Institute of Jamaica and the Statistical Institute...
The strategy is developed in response to the country’s commitment to ensure the security of all its residents and citizens. In doing this it will target the attainment of agreed basic minimum...
The National Policy and Plan of Action on International Migration and Development responds to key global developments which have revealed, over time, the need to address the broad and evolving...
The 2012 Jamaica Survey of Living Conditions (JSLC) represents the 23rd publication of the survey report. After a break in the series in 2011, to accommodate the Population and Housing Census,...
The Social Protection and Gender Unit of the PIOJ has produced this study, which seeks to explore the risks to vulnerable groups regarding income, poverty and food security. It is one of two...
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