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THE Planning Institute of Jamaica is committed to leading the process of policy formulation on economic and social issues and external cooperation management to achieve sustainable development for the people of Jamaica.



OUR ROLE The Planning Institute of Jamaica provides technical support to the Government of Jamaica and development partners in the public and private sectors on economic, social and environmental issues. The Institute also formulates, coordinates, monitors and evaluates programmes and projects designed to achieve sustainable economic, social and environmental development for the improvement of the quality of life of the Jamaican people.






The Planning Institute of  Jamaica is committed to delivering the following services to its customers:




  • Initiates and coordinates economic, financial, social, cultural, and environmental plans and programmes for the sustainable development of Jamaica;
  • Monitors the implementation of plans and programmes;
  • Advises the Government on issues relating to economic, social, trade and environmental policies;
  • Interprets decisions on economic and social policies and integrates them into the national development programme;
  • Formultes plans for the effective use of social, economic and human development resources.




  • Undertakes research on national development issues to inform policy/decision making;
  • Collects, compiles, analyzes and monitors social and economic indicators.




  • Conducts negotiations on national development issues with International Development Partners on behalf of Government;
  • Coordinates and monitors loan and grant agreements;
  • Manages the Government’s pre-selection process for investment projects.




  • Prepares, produces and markets socio-economic publications;
  • Provides socio-economic data through the Documentation Centre;
  • Provides information on our website including socioeco nomic data, ongoing and pipeline projects and available publications.
  • Undertakes consultancy activities and contracts for local and foreign government entities.





In ensuring that quality service is provided to clients in a professional manner, the Planning Institute of Jamaica will observe the following standards:



Customers Calling the Organization


  • Telephones shall be answered within four rings;
  • Employees answer ing the telephone shall state the name of the Division and identify them selves in a polite and professional manner;
  • Customers telephoning the organization shall be given the option to hold, for no longer than 30 seconds;
  • customers mak ing requests by telephone for data and research material shall be connected directly to the Documentation Centre;
  • Media houses wishing detailed information on projects/activi ties shall be directed to the Communications Specialist;
  • Voicemail mes sages shall be an swered as soon as the offi cer returns to his/her desk.

Written or Electronic Correspondence

  • All correspondence via regular mail, facsimile or  e-mail shall be acknowledged within a maximum of two (2) working days of receipt.

Customers Visiting the Organization

  • Customers visiting the or ganization shall be acknowledged cordially and be directed to the correct department within five minutes;
  • Officers shall meet with customers within five minutes of any pre-arranged appoint ment;
  • Officers shall meet with customers without appoint ments within 15 minutes; if this is not possible, then, an appoint ment with the officer shall be arranged;
  • Officers shall adhere to protocol when interacting with multilateral and bilateral agencies as well as officials of the Government of Jamaica;
  • Front-line staff shall wear clearly displayed name badges at all times;
  • Courteous interaction shall be extended to customers at all times.


Timely and Accurate Dissemination of Information


  • Produce accurate, comprehensive and timely publications, such as the Economic and Social  Sur vey Jamaica and the Jamaica Survey of Living Conditions, published annu ally, and the Economic Update & Outlook, published quarterly;
  • Provide reliable policy advice based on analysis of economic, social, demographic, trade, human development and environmental issues;
  • Ensure timely dissemination of information through our technical officers, Documentation Centre, publications and web site;
  • Inform customers of price adjustments of publications at least ten working days in advance;
  • Conduct customer satisfaction surveys as required and use the information generated to improve our services.


The Customer's Role



Please help us to better serve you by:


  • Indicating clearly and concisely the information requested, includ ing the time period and addressing the query to the Documentation Centre;
  • Providing at least 24 hours notice when making an appointment to use the Documentation Centre;
  • Handling the publications in the Documentation Centre with care;
  • Seeking an appointment prior to direct consultation with a technical officer;
  • Informing the PIOJ’s book shop of a change in your mailing address at least one week before the change;
  • Responding to the PIOJ’s Customer Satisfaction Survey;
  • Making suggestions/comments and placing them in the suggestion box provided;
  • Being courteous and professional in conducting business with the Institute;
  • Reporting dissatisfaction with the service provided to the Director General

Complaints Procedure


Cards shall be placed by the receptionist's desk for your comments and suggestions.



All complaints should be addressed to:


 Director General

Planning Institute of Jamaica

16 Oxford Road, Kingston 5

Telephone: (876) 906-4463-4 or Fax: 906-5011

E-mail: info@pioj/


Complaints/comments shall be acknowledged within five working days and responses within ten working days. If you are not satisfied with the PIOJ's complaints procedure, you may contact:

Senior Director

Standards and Monitoring Unit

Cabinet Office

2a Devon Road


Telephone: (876) 929-1423 or (876) 920-4265

Fax: 929-6676


For further redress, contact:

The Public Defender

78 Harbour Street


Telephone: (876) 922-4159



Mondays - Thursdays : 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Fridays : 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


The Documentation Centre is open to the public by appointment only.

Mondays and Thursdays : 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Fridays : 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


For further in formation about the PIOJ, visit our web site at:


Planning Institute of Jamaica

16 Ox ford Road

Kingston 5

Tel: (876) 906-4463-4

Fax: (876) 906-5011


Web site:

Updated: October 2009



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