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 June 11, 2019

The Office of the Prime Minister will host nearly 300 fathers and their families on Fathers’ Day under the theme, Furthering Healthy Families With Fathers.
Through the consultative process, the decision was taken to reschedule the launch of the Jamaican pilot of the Caribbean Woman Caribbean Child Initiative (CariWaC).
The Fathers’ Day event at the OPM has been crafted, recognising that there are excellent demonstrations of effective fathering among our Jamaican population, and this is not confined to particular social or economic groups.  While economic challenges do affect fathering, there are numerous examples of fathers having the determination to overcome these problems and managing to optimise the use of very limited resources in the care of their families. 
The invitees include representatives of fathers from every parish who are active in their community development committees.  This grouping also includes fathers who are living with disabilities but who are an inspiration within their families.  Acknowledging that fathering can take place even when men are physically separated from their families, men who are currently on parole but who had demonstrated their commitment to their families and children have confirmed attendance.  
Fathers who represent the historical cultural place of the Jamaican father as nurturer, protector and provider have been invited through faith based communities and indigenous communities such as the maroons and Rastafarians.
The future role of volunteerism in the society is also being promoted as families of children who are currently enrolled in uniformed groups will also attend. Children in state care who would not have spent their day with fathers have also been included and exposed to the role of the father in the heart of a healthy family.
All Jamaicans are invited to celebrate Father’s Day by posting pictures of their own commemorations of the day using #FathersDayJA.
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