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Jamaica Foundations for Competitiveness and Growth Project: Environmental Management Framework (EMF)

 The project development objective of the Jamaica Foundations for Competitiveness and Growth Project (the project) is to enhance competition in the business environment, facilitate strategic private investment, and support SME capabilities and finance.

The Projects consists of four components:
Component 1: Enhancing competition in the business environment
Component 2: Facilitating strategic private investments
Component 3: Supporting SME capabilities and finance
Component 4: Learning through project implementation and M&E
Summary details on these Project components are present in Annex A.  Additional project information is available on the World Bank website
This Environmental Management Framework (EMF) was developed related to the potential World Bank financing of the Project in relation to World Bank safeguard policies.  The EMF consists of the following sections:
Environmental Conditions and Potential Impacts (Section B)
Jamaica and World Bank Environmental Requirements (Section C)
Project Environment Management (Section D).
The final EMF shall be referenced as part of the Project Operation Manual.

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