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In pursuing its mission of “leading the process of policy formulation on economic and social issues and external co-operation management to achieve sustainable development for the people of Jamaica”, the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) undertakes to uphold the principles of:
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Kingston, Jamaica 7th to 11th July 2014 - SOCIEUX, the Social Protection EU Expertise in Development Cooperation will support the capacity building of the Planning Institute of Jamaica and other key institutions on costing and financing social protection.
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The project development objective of the Jamaica Foundations for Competitiveness and Growth Project (the project) is to enhance competition in the business environment, facilitate strategic private investment, and support SME capabilities and finance.
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Milestones to date include: Institute Governing Framework Mechanism; Community Sensitization Meetings;and Procurement of Land Husbandry Infrastructure.
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Enhancing Resilience, Protecting Livelihoods and Improving Food Security: GOJ/Adaptation Fund Programme — The PIOJ secured grant funding to the tune of US$9.9M from the Adaptation Fund for concrete adaptation measures and building resilience to climate change.
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The GOJ/EU/UNEP Climate Change Adaptation & Disaster Risk Reduction Project, funded by the European Union with technical and management support provided by United Nations Environment Programme and the Planning Institute of Jamaica, is well into the first year of implementation. It seeks to assist Jamaica in its adaptation to climate change by increasing the resilience of natural ecosystems and reduce risks associated with natural hazards. The implementation period will be over 30 months.
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Outlines a strategic framework for achieving robust economic growth aligned with Vision 2030 Jamaica - National Development Plan.
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Hazard Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation is one of the 15 outcomes of Vision 2030 Jamaica-National Development Plan being spearheaded by the Planning Institute of Jamaica. Climate change is likely to have adverse effects on the country, among them being an increase in the intensities and/frequency of natural hazards; increased drought; sea levels rise; and weakened, more fragile ecosystems. Vision 2030 highlights these as being a threat to sustainable development, and provides the framework within which corrective and preventive actions should be undertaken. In light of this, many of the activities embarked upon are aligned with related strategies and overarching objectives.
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In December 2003, Cabinet approved the establishment of a multi-agency Vital Statistics Commission (VSC) under the mandate of the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) Act. The overall work of the Commission is to “ensure that an adequate set of vital statistics for Jamaica is available for use in national development planning, monitoring and evaluation.
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Assist the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries in making representation to the EU for support under this programme.
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