As stipulated by legislation (Access to Information Act, 2002), all public sector entities are required to provide citizens access to Government documents excepting those that are exempt by said legislation.

Types of Documents Exempt from Disclosure
Documents pertaining to:

  • Security, defense, international relations (S. 14 a)
  • The Cabinet (S. 15)
  • Law enforcement (S. 16)
  • Legal privilege (S. 17)
  • The national economy (S. 18)
  • Government’s deliberative processes (S. 19)
  • Business affairs of others (trade secrets, etc.) (S. 20)
  • Heritage sites (S. 21)
  • Personal Privacy (S. 22)

Release of Exempt Documents
Exempt documents may be released through an Order of the Minister responsible for Information, or after the expiration of 20 years after their creation or such shorter or longer period as the Minister may specify by Order.

How to Make a Request
Persons needing access to public documents may do so in person, by telephone, fax or by email Applicants should provide as much information as possible about the needed document as this could help expedite its location.

Please include contact information in your application so that it will be easy for us to contact you for any clarification if this becomes necessary. The request form is posted on the PIOJ website and may be accessed by any person who needs to make an Access to Information (ATI) request.

For additional information relating to ATI requests to The PIOJ, please contact:

Odean Cole-Phoenix
Technical Information Manager
Planning Institute of Jamaica
16 Oxford Road
Kingston 5
Telephone: (876) 906-4463-4/ 960-9339
Fax: (876) 906-5011 E-mail:


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