The formulation of policies, plans and programmes is a crucial function of the Planning Institute
of Jamaica (PIOJ). The PIOJ monitors the sectors through the formulation of national policies
and programmes; provides technical advice for the development of policies and programmes;
conducts research; monitors and evaluates macro-economic and sectoral performance, and
trade-related issues; and provides timely and appropriate advice to the Government.

The PIOJ’s collaborates and partners with International Development Partners (IDPs), the
private sector and civil society in the pursuit of achieving national sustainable development to
initiate and maintain support for various projects and programmes. This collaboration involves
persons at different levels from the various IDP’s in numerous meetings locally and abroad as
they sought to advance Jamaica’s goal of being “the place of choice to live, work, raise families
and do business” by 2030.

Policies monitored within the PIOJ

The Policy Development Process

For the purposes of the Policy Development Process, national policy is defined as “a course of action to be taken by Government to resolve a given problem or interrelated set of problems. The policy is contained in a document which is subject to approval by the Cabinet and is tabled in the Houses of Parliament”. 


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