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Government of Jamaica


Speaking Notes: Review of Economic Performance, July – September 2023

The Planning Institute of Jamaica
Review of Economic Performance, July – September 2023
Media Brief
November 21, 2023

Today, we are reporting an estimated growth of 1.9% in Real Value Added during the July–September 2023 quarter, relative to the corresponding quarter of 2022. The estimated out-turn for the review quarter largely reflected the impact of:

  1. Higher levels of employment, which supported the growth in demand
  2. Increased capacity utilization in the Mining & Quarrying industry.
  3. Continued growth momentum in the tourism sector as reflected in the improved performances of the Hotels & Restaurants; Other Services, Transport, Storage & Communication and Manufacturing industries.  ….read more here

DG’s QPB 28_2 Speaking Notes FINAL 21 11 23