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Members of the public are invited to provide written comments on the draft National Population and Sustainable Development Policy, which was tabled in Parliament in September. Submissions are open until November 10, 2021.

The policy, which is an update to an earlier policy, will integrate population dynamics into development planning in order to achieve a sustainable, equitable and just society for all individuals living in Jamaica.
A stable and productive population contributes to the sustainable development of the country, and population dynamics are managed through policies to attain optimal population size, structure and distribution.

The policy follows principles such as respect for human rights; inclusive and participatory development; gender equality and equity; empowerment and personal responsibility; evidence-based decision making; resilience in the natural, built, social, cultural and economic environments; transparency and accountability; and the power of reproductive choice.

Features of the population of Jamaica at this time include: substantial reduction in population growth and risk of declining future population; substantial reduction in the child population; reductions in fertility among all reproductive age groups; higher level of urbanization and growth in medium-sized urban centres; and high levels of international migration among professionals.

To have your voice included, download the policy and programme of action below and make your submission (written comments) to by November 10, 2021.

National Population and Sustainable Development Policy

Programme of Action (POA) for National Population and Sustainable Development Policy