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Government of Jamaica


How the UN RCO supports the VNR Process

High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

How the UN RCO supports the VNR Process
Delivered by Dr Wayne Henry, Director General, Planning Institute of Jamaica
July 15, 2022


Value addition of the coordinated UN support to the VNR process in Jamaica

The United Nations Resident Coordinator’s Office (UN RCO) and the United Nations Organizations in Jamaica remain valuable partners in advancing the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Since the adoption of the SDGs, the UN has played an integral role through Technical Corporation and financing in areas such as capacity building, research, innovative financing, localization, monitoring and evaluation. Examples of the value that the RCO and local UN agencies have brought to the process of SDG implementation through a strong partnership framework include: public expenditure reviews to improve efficiencies in spending in key sectors; development of innovative finance mechanisms to channel financing to the SDGs; and supporting localization through the “Advancing the SDGs through Vision 2030 Jamaica” project which included capacity building and engagement of local authorities to strengthen local level alignment with the SDGs,. The multi-country sustainable development framework continues to provide a mechanism to support the advancement of the SDGs in Jamaica and the region.

The work of the RCO therefore supports central tenets of Jamaica’s implementation and monitoring of the SDGs, including preparation of its Voluntary National Reviews. In 2018 when Jamaica presented its first VNR, the RCO provided funding to support the process including consultancy services, stakeholder engagement and consultation as well as participation in the High-Level Political Forum and dissemination events.

The 2022 VNR process provided opportunity to deepen partnerships with the RCO particularly in the production of the VNR. The RCO supported the process through:
– Provision of funding support totalling USD $77,343 dollars inclusive of a Consultancy, in response to the need for additional human resource for the preparation of the VNR. The Consultant produced 4 chapters of the main document and three thematic reports on the impact of the COVID -19 Pandemic on Social Protection, Tourism, Education and the Labour Market with digitalization as a cross cutting issue; SDG Localization; and Corporate Social Responsibility. These reports provide valuable insights to inform and strengthen implementation of the SDGs particularly at the local level.
– The UN RCO was a valuable member of the review Panel, which, together with partners in academia and the National Focal Point, was convened to guide the development of the VNR report.
– The RCO facilitated coordinated support of local UN Organizations, who lent their expertise in reviewing the draft VNR and providing inputs to the discussion on areas such as health, children and human rights
– The VNR process benefited from the UN’s ongoing research agenda which supported the preparation of thematic reports. These proved to be a valuable resource, particularly in measuring the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on vulnerable populations.
– The SDG Secretariat in the Planning Institute of Jamaica partnered with UNICEF to facilitate a youth-led consultation which provided space for youth from across Jamaica to share perspectives on the implementation of the SDGs and provide statements to the Youth delegate for presentation at the HLPF.

The government of Jamaica values our partnership with the UN RCO, and the consistent support that has enabled Jamaica to successfully conduct and present its second voluntary national review.