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Government of Jamaica


Recent Publications and Reports

The PIOJ regularly publishes data on the economy and social conditions in Jamaica. 

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Jamaica Survey of Living Conditions 2019: Overview

Monitoring social indicators now takes on even greater importance with the need to continuously assess Jamaica’s progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the various outcomes in the Vision 2030 Jamaica National Development Plan.


Progress Report on the SDG 2019/2020

Jamaica’s 2020 ranking of 84th out of 166 countries, with an index score of 68.7, may be interpreted as the estimated percentage achievement of the SDGs. Regionally, Jamaica was ranked highest in the Caribbean sub region, and 12th overall in Latin America and the Caribbean. The 2021 report (published after the time of writing) noted an improvement in Jamaica’s rank to 81st and index score of 68.9.


Economic and Social Survey Jamaica 2020: Selected Indicators
Economic Update and Outlook – All 4 quarters of 2021





Beginnings Volume 11 Issue 24

Analysis and opinions on sustainable development.
This issue of Beginnings features articles on sustainable transportation, road safety and the use of geospatial technologies in the recovery of missing children. The spotlight for this issue is the project, A Jamaican Path from Hills to Ocean. The PIOJ is executing the project along with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the National Environment and Planning Agency. You will also find highlights of the current work being done in Buff Bay, Portland and Annotto Bay, St Mary under the GOJ/Adaptation Fund Programme.



  Jamaica Survey of Living Conditions 2019 – $2,500
Economic and Social Survey Jamaica 2020 – $3,000